Awakens the spirits in the morning and sends them to bed in the evening.

Light influences important hormonal and metabolic processes, it constantly re-clocks our inner clock, giving our lives a rhythm. And whenever natural daylight is lacking, VISUAL TIMING LIGHT (VTL), also called Human Centric Lighting, provides people with the right light.
ViVAA Free, the first free standing luminaire with biologically effective light. It naturally supports the circadian rhythm of humans.
The ViVAA Free is more than a dimmable designer lamp. It balances the inner clock and promotes the quality of sleep, thanks to the biologically effective light.

Swiss Made

Noble aesthetics, timeless design, high-quality and durable materials merge into the ViVAA Free, just typical Swiss Made.
Discover the ViVAA Free!

The ViVAA Free is not only beautiful, but a true all-rounder.

Source: Monika Mlynek/

ViVAA Free video:

VTL video:

Light App

We consider preinstalled circadian rhythm as the most biologically effective light.
If necessary, the light can be adjusted by app.
The “lightgate mw App” can easily be downloaded for free!